Schedule of Events


5:00 PM Welcome Reception & Registration - Duke Terrace & Statue Gardens

6:00 PM Dinner & Program - Ballroom

  • An Alternative Imagination: A Vision For Redemptive Entrepreneurship with Dave Blanchard
  • Breaking a Spirit of Mammon with Jon Tyson
  • Reading the Times with a Creative Mind with Greg Thompson & Max Anderson

9:00 PM Dessert & Drinks Reception - Garden Room, Music Room, & West Terrace

10:00 PM Theology & Cigars: A Discussion with Jon Tyson -  West Terrace


7:00–8:30 AM Breakfast - Winter Palace

7:30-8:15 AM Praxis Academy Breakfast - The Library

8:30 AM Morning Worship & Program - Ballroom

9:30 AM Business Accelerator Finale with the 2017 Business Fellows - Ballroom

11:00 AM Business Fellow Roundtables - Ballroom

12:30 PM Lunch - West Terrace

2:00 PM Afternoon Breakout #1 

3:00 PM Afternoon Breakout #2

4:00 PM Afternoon Reception - Duke Terrace & Statue Gardens

4:00 PM Virtual & Augmented Reality Experience - The Library

4:00-6:30 PM Break

6:30 PM Dinner & Program - Ballroom

  • Building Cultural Intelligence with David Bailey
  • Authority & Vulnerability: Flourishing & The Entrepreneur with Andy Crouch

9:00 PM Intimate Concert with The Brilliance: Acoustic & Storytelling Set - The Library

9:00 PM Informal Social Time at Cellar 49


6:30-7:30 AM Morning Run with Henry Kaestner & Jon Hart - Meet at Hotel Reception

7:00–8:30 AM Breakfast - Winter Palace

7:30-8:15 AM Praxis Course Breakfast: Bring Redemptive Entrepreneurship to Your City - The Library

8:30 AM Morning Worship & Program - Ballroom

  • Revelation: The Mind of Christ & The Entrepreneur with Brian Martin
  • The Fabric of Faithfulness: Working Slowly by Slowly with Jena Lee Nardella
  • Vocation & Imagination: Discerning What We Work On with Dave Evans

10:00 AM Morning Breakout #1

11:00 AM Morning Breakout #2

12:00 PM Lunch & Program - Ballroom

  • Results May Vary: Seeking Intimacy over Impact with Jon Tyson

1:30 PM Departures

Breakout Session Schedule


Entrepreneurship as a Force for Good in the City
Location: Captain Bonneville
The church's role in the renewal of the city has long been a rich conversation. But what is the role of the entrepreneur? This conversation features Praxis Nonprofit Fellows in Detroit, MI and Cincinnati, OH, who are weaving the fabric of their cities in high-profile ways.

The Future of Entrepreneurship in South Asia
Location: Bracebridge Hall
Over a billion people make up the South Asia region, and this conversation features Praxis Fellows working in India, Nepal, Myanmar, and Afghanistan on major opportunities from building local entrepreneurship ecosystems (Jesse Sullivan, Alter), to job creation in complex contexts (Mark Sears, CloudFactory; Melody Murray, JOYN), to addressing large-scale health crises (Parker Dail, The Root Cause). In these complex economies and environments, moderator Josh Kwan will ask presenters: what are the best places to invest our time and resources? What are the most significant challenges facing the region? How do entrepreneurs play a role, particularly in climates of political flux?

Redemptive Investing: How Might a Christian Invest Differently?
Location: Washington Irving
Great investors are collaborative partners to founders facing anxiety, challenges, and wild swings of success and failure. This session will engage you with questions such as: How might the redemptive investor be distinctly Spirit-led? How might we see our role as partners to the entrepreneur? What is different about our view of money? How does everything from a coffee meeting to an exit look different? Praxis Board Chairman and 20-year VC Kurt Keilhacker will facilitate a discussion with top investors including Rob Go of NextView Ventures, Thomas Lehrman of Haystack Partners, Erik Rannala of Mucker Capital, and Praxis Board member Henry Kaestner of Sovereign's Capital.

Millennials and Gen Z: The Entrepreneurial Generation?
Location: Harris
While the entrepreneurship narrative is more mainstream than ever before, and 54% of millennials want to join a startup in some capacity, we see fewer small businesses being started than ever before. Is this truly the entrepreneurial generation -- and if not, can it be? Praxis Academy Partner Jon Hart will lead a conversation with top leaders in the mix of the conversation, including David Hobbet, ED of Veritas Forum; Dave Evans, Professor at the Stanford; David Eaton, Praxis Fellow and Founder/CEO of Axis, which provides worldview training for the next generation; Ryan Bethea, a millennial leader with a pulse on entrepreneurship in the next generation; Jonathan Robinson, Praxis Fellow and Founder/CEO of FreeTextbooks; and Steve Garber, a Praxis Scholar and lecturer at Regent and many classrooms around the world.

Debating the Future of Humanity: Machines and Man
Location: Hartly
Over the past decade, technology has come closer than ever: we have computers in our pockets, cameras in our glasses, and regularly speak to digital assistants. But what happens when the technology becomes part of us? In this conversation, host Andy Crouch (author and cultural commentator) and Jeff Huber and Garrett Spiegel (founders, Standard Cyborg) will explore the theological implications and practical possibilities of a future where the image of God meets machine.

Environmental Innovation & The Future of Energy
Location: Astoria
In this session at the leading edge of several industry sectors, we'll talk with Tom Darden & JT Vaughn (Cherokee and Industrial Heat) and Evan Loomis (Praxis, Saturn Five) about their pursuits of Cold Fusion breakthroughs, 3D printed housing, and the future state of innovations with radical environmental consequences. We'll discover: what are the timelines on breakthrough innovations? How should investors consider their participation? And what are the opportunities for transformative social impact? Hosted by Dave Blanchard.

Divine Imagination: Can God Really Give Us Startup Ideas?
Location: Terry
The belief in the possibility of supernatural participation should be an essential for the Christian entrepreneur, but we often operate like practical atheists. This session will ask: How might we prepare ourselves to receive spiritual wisdom in the entrepreneurial process? What ways might God use revelation in the mind of the startup founder? How do we avoid overexpectation or a version of the prosperity gospel? Discuss host Chris Tsai (Celery founder, YC alum & Praxis Fellow), with Brian Martin (Lazarus Effect, sold to Medtronic) and John Kim (Karamaan Group Investments), will lead what is sure to be a lively conversation.

The Future of America: How Might Entrepreneurs Shape Major Cultural Issues including Refugees, Immigration, Opioids, and Race & Class Conflict?
Location: Knickerbocker
It’s hard to recall a more contested time in our nation. Our moment seems to be defined by politics, cross-cultural conflict, and the erosion of institutional trust. The past year has elevated several issues to the forefront of our cultural conscience, including the refugee crisis, immigration, race and class conflict, and the new opioid epidemic sweeping through rural America. In this wide-ranging conversation, Evan Baehr (Praxis Venture Partner) asks several leaders to share perspectives on what role entrepreneurship might play in uniting our nation. Guests include Anthony Flynn (Gifted, Praxis Fellow), David Bailey (Arrabon), Philip Lorish (New City Commons), Tara Russell (Create Common Good, Praxis Fellow), and Alex Forrester (Rising Tide Capital, Praxis Fellow).

Reimagining Media: Using Words, Images, Apps, and Games to Shape Culture
Location: Cronise
Media consumes our modern lives: our content intake is at an all-time high as it reshapes how we see ourselves and each other, as each medium tells a distinct message about humanity. This broad conversation, hosted by Max Anderson, on reimagining media features several founders discovering ways to alter the conversation. Kara Eschbach (Verily) is reintroducing virtue through a media publication, Evan Burns (Odyssey Online) is reconstructing civil discourse with over 30 million visitors a month, Won Kim (Digg) is delivering the best of the Internet, and Praxis Fellow Chris Skaggs (Soma Games) creates virtuous video games.



 The Future of Entrepreneurship in Africa: Opportunities & Challenges
Location: Captain Bonneville
The decades ahead for Africa are ripe with opportunity for impact. In this session, you'll hear from leading founders such as Ryan Keith and Remmy Hamapande (Forgotten Voices, Praxis Fellows), Elizabeth Dearborn Hughes (Akilah & Fowler founder, Praxis Fellow), Greg Spencer (Paradigm Project, South Sudan Advocate), Jimmy Bisenius (Pactorum), Scott Friesen (Verdant Frontiers, Praxis Fellow), and Rich Hoops (Hoops Family Foundation). They'll discuss the emerging large-scale ecosystem, and the role of businesses and NGOs in the next 10 years of the continent.

Hollywood & The Discipleship of the Mind
Location: Astoria
With the rise of Netflix, binge watching, the "new golden age" of television, and more, there's little question that the narratives of Hollywood radically shape our larger cultural consciousness. This session examines opportunities for Christians to be a faithful presence in these spaces. We'll be led in conversation by Joel Newton (VR leader, Praxis Fellow), John Kingston (film investor & executive producer), Bill Wichterman (co-founder, Wedgwood Circle), Stephen Buchanan (More Media CEO, Praxis 2017 Fellow), and Jonathan Coleman (VP at Guy Walks In To A Bar, production group responsible for Sully & Elf).

The Next Decade of Education in America
Location: Washington Irving
Education is often referred to as one of the major civil rights issues of our time, and an incredible amount of entrepreneurial energy is being channeled into the sector to find innovations that can scale. This session features Christian leaders sharing their work on the edge of the education space, including Sajan George (Matchbook Learning, Praxis Fellow), Daniel Yoo (Goalbook, Praxis Fellow), Thomas Lehrman (KIPP Board Member), Robin Bruce (CEO, Acton MBA), Art Reimers (New Profit), and Sarah Saxton-Frump (PeletonU).

Redemptive Client Services: Faith & Values in Someone Else's Business
Location: Bracebridge Hall
This conversation will focus on how Christians who work in client services handle the unique challenges and opportunities of bringing their values into their work, such as: How do you balance serving the client with shaping the client, and are these always the same thing? How do you choose which clients to work with? When is it appropriate for a service organization to challenge the values or ethics of a particular opportunity or story the client wants to tell? How does a services business set healthy boundaries for its team members in an always-on-demand business? We'll be joined by Micah Davis (Founder/CEO, Ovenbits), Mike Bontrager (Founder/CEO, Chatham Financial, Praxis Board), Sharon Sampson (Founder/CEO, OpenBook), and Jim McKinley (Principal, 360 Partners).

Managing Technology: Practices for Tech-Wise Life & Relationships
Location: Cronise
We're becoming increasingly aware of the ways that technology and media can quickly lead to isolation, overuse, and even rewiring our brains. Leaning on his new book The Tech-Wise Family, Andy Crouch will lead this extended workshop (90 min) on ways to put technology in its place as a leader, spouse, and/or parent, exploring the considerable opportunties and challenges of bringing our theology to the daily use of our devices.

Designing Your Life: Discovering and Discerning Your Vocational Path
Location: Hartly
Are you in the process of discerning what might be next for you in life? No matter what your life stage or age, this workshop provides an incredible opportunity to hear from Dave Evans, author of Designing Your Life. Based on his popular class at Stanford and bestselling book, Dave will lead this structured 90-minute workshop to help you examine your vocation through the lens of design thinking.

Entrepreneurship and the Future of the Church
Location: Terry
As startup culture and church planting become mainstream, entrepreneurship is on the minds of church leaders. This session will ask: How could the disciplines of entrepreneurship and church planting inform one another? How can churches disciple leaders for the vocation and challenges of being a founder? How can entrepreneurs push forward the church's thinking on faith/work integration? We'll be joined by moderator Jon Tyson, founder of Trinity Grace Church in NYC; Jonathan Middlebrooks, senior pastor of Skyline Church of OKC; Scott Calgaro, of Redeemer's Center for Faith & Work; John Kim, of Karamaan Group, an NYC-based hedge fund; Sarah Van Slyke, of Thrivent Financial; Erin Patten of Ponyride; and Bethany Jenkins of The Gospel Coalition and The King's College.

The Religion of Silicon Valley: Creating a Counterscript
Location: Harris
Silicon Valley is so culturally iconic that it's been handed a parody show on HBO. But what principles sit underneath its ethos? What does its ecosystem promise us? What are its creeds? In this session, Praxis Venture Partner Max Anderson will talk with Henry Kaestner (Sovereign's Capital, Praxis Board), Chris Tsai (Praxis Fellow and Y Combinator alum), and Kurt Keilhacker (Praxis Board Member, Elementum Ventures) about what we should take in and what we should counter from the epicenter of technological innovation.


The Future of Entrepreneurship in Asia: Opportunities & Challenges
Location: Cronise
Pockets of Asia are exploding economically and creatively as new entrepreneurial ecosystems are emerging in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more. This conversation, hosted by Luke Roush, features a wide set of perspectives on growth across the continent, with David Tjokrorahardjo (Sovereign's Capital), Alice Chou (L2 Foundation), Dean Kline (PennVenture Partners), and Daryl Heald (Generous Giving).

Innovations in Impact Investing: Money, Meaning, Methods, and Mistakes
Location: Hartly
Impact investing is an asset class predicted to grow rapidly in the next decade. As a result, a body of knowledge around best practices is emerging, as well as a unique set of methods to deploy capital into deals. This session, hosted by Praxis board member and impact investor April Chapman, engages these ideas with leading thinkers and doers in this space, including Jeff Johns and Aimee Minnich (Impact Foundation, Praxis Fellows), Greg Lernihan (Impact Engine), David Simms (Olive Tree), and George Veth (Mango Fund).

Entrepreneurship at Scale: Shaping Culture through the Large Organization
Location: Washington Irving
Few ventures truly scale, but when they do, their opportunity for impact is enormous as they can even shape the practices of their industry. This session, led by Praxis Board Member and co-founder Henry Kaestner, features a conversation with David Morken (Henry's co-founder of their 400+ person company), Mike Bontrager (Founder/CEO of 300+ employee Chatham Financial), Mark Sears (Founder/CEO CloudFactory and Praxis Fellow, who employs thousands in Nepal), and Evan Burns (Founder/CEO Odyssey, a high-growth media firm with over $30m in funding).

Venture Opportunities in Domestic & Global Healthcare
Location: Bracebridge Hall
The healthcare space is complex and full of opportunity and obstacles. This sweeping conversation takes us into insurance planning in the US (Jack Hooper, Take Command, Praxis Fellow), convenience care (Jeremy Gabrysch, Remedy, Praxis Fellow), global clinics (Michael O'Neal), and medical devices (Brian Martin), to get a broad view of opportunities in improving the lives of others in this key space for redemptive impact. Hosted by Praxis Venture Partner Evan Loomis, formerly of Corinthian Health and Clarion.

Reshaping Issues & Public Narratives Through Entrepreneurship
Location: Captain Bonneville
With the rise of idea entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, many founders wear the public activist/advocate hat in addition to being organizational leaders. In this session hosted by Scott Kauffmann, we'll discuss: What are the opportunities and challenges of shaping public opinion as the head of a venture? Is it ever necessary to separate the founder's voice from the organization's voice, and how can that be done with integrity? How do you interact with organizations and founders who share your position on one issue but not others? The panel includes Joe Baker (Save the Storks, Praxis Fellow), Morgan Perry (producer of Liberated, Praxis Fellow), and John Kingston (film investor and political advocate).

Artificial Intelligence & Christianity: Possibilities & Problems
Location: Knickerbocker
Perhaps no technological innovation is more discussed today than artificial intelligence, despite the challenges of fully grasping what it is and what its potential impact is on society. While Ray Kurzweil champions the singularity, Elon Musk claims that with AI we are "summoning the demon." In this conversation, hosted by Evan Baehr, we'll explore a deeper understanding of the technology with Alan Marty (Legacy Venture, formerly NASA) and Max Anderson (Praxis Venture Partner, The Weekend Reader).

Reimagining Travel & Hospitality for Impact
Location: Astoria
Travel and hospitality have focused on the basic human interests of business and leisure. In this session, a few pioneering entrepreneurs will share their vision to reimagine the sector: Praxis Fellow Tara Russell, founder and CEO of Fathom Travel (Carnival Cruise Line's Social Impact ships); Jeremy Cowart, founder of The Purpose Hotel; Christian Hempell of InterContinental Hotels Group; and Praxis Fellow Teresa Goines, founder of Old Skool Cafe. Hosted by Dave Blanchard.

Innovations in Venture Philanthropy
Location: Terry
Philanthropists and investors are discovering new ways to deploy capital for impact. This session features four leaders in that conversation: Art Reimers (DRK and New Profit), Deb Veth (Imago Dei Fund, Big Bang Philanthropy Group), and Bryce Butler (Access Ventures). They will share approaches and ideas that are reshaping how impact is created and realized, including focus funds, ecosystem development, cross-sector investment, and collaborative capital. Hosted by Josh Kwan.

Christian Ambition: Growth, Rest, and Flourishing
Location: Harris
Those of us in the West live in a society that champions productivity and idolizes great producers. In this session, Playing God author Andy Crouch will host a conversation with Jena Lee Nardella (Praxis) and Jon Tyson (Trinity Grace Church) on questions including: What is holy ambition? Do Christians need more ambition or less? How may a Christian define personal greatness? How do rhythms of rest make prolonged ambition sustainable?



 The Future of Work: Robots, Universal Basic Income, and the Gig Economy
Location: Washington Irving
Technological innovation is moving us into the next industrial revolution, and automation, the gig economy, and AI are well poised to upend a large percentage of jobs currently in the workforce. Andy Crouch will moderate a conversation with three leading thinkers on the future of our workforce, to discuss hypothetical solutions such as Universal Basic Income. Featuring Max Anderson (Praxis Venture Partner, The Weekend Reader), Philip Lorish (New City Commons), and Praxis Fellow Alex Forrester (Rising Tide Capital).

The Renewal of Finance: Restoring Trust & Widening Access
Location: Harris
Few industries have reputationally suffered in the last decade as much as the finance sector. In this session you'll learn from a handful of redemptive entrepreneurs who are working to renew the industry slowly but steadily. Led by Praxis Venture Partner and Able Lending co-founder Evan Baehr, we'll hear from Praxis Board member Mike Bontrager (Chatham Financial), Eliot Samuels & Andrew Moedinger (Solidus, Praxis Fellows), and Doug Ditto (First Southern Bank) on how they are reshaping trust and accessibility in the world of financial services.

Can Technology Save Marriage?
Location: Cronise
When we think of technology and marriage we probably think about all of the problems, from the consequences of internet pornography to the daily distractions of the smartphone. But can technology actually serve us by playing a role in saving and deepening marriage? Join this compelling discussion with a number of founders and investors who think so and are trying to build this future: Steve Dziedzic (Lasting, The Knot), Stephen Schmalhofer (Haystack Partners), and Alex Lerza and Josh Kalsbeek of RTribe (Praxis 2017 Fellows). Hosted by Evan Loomis.

Social Enterprise at Scale: Challenges & Opportunities
Location: Knickerbocker
Most social enterprise just doesn't scale. This unique session will allow us to learn from founders who have figured out how to take a high-impact market and build millions in revenue. Moderator and Praxis Venture Partner Will Haughey of Tegu will be joined by his brother and partner Chris, as well as Praxis Fellows Brit Gilmore (The Giving Keys), Liz Bohannon (Sseko), Levi Benkert (Verdant Frontiers), David Simnick (Soapbox), and Michael O'Neal (OneWorld Health).

The Artist As Entrepreneur: Challenges & Opportunities in Film & Music
Location: Astoria
The Atlantic recently declared "The Death of the Artist and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur," making the case that modern artists must lean on networks, innovative business models, and scrappy improvisation to make a living in today's upended arts climate. In this session, practitioners and ecosystem players will share their insights about the major challenges and opportunities, including David Gungor (The Brilliance), Amy Jones (Wedgwood Circle), Terence Berry (Tarwater Pictures), and Jonathan Coleman (Guy Walks Into A Bar Productions). Hosted by Scott Kauffmann.

Entrepreneurship at College: Educating the Next Generation of Founders
Location: Terry
The latent entrepreneurial energy of undergraduate students has pulled top schools into the entrepreneurship conversation. Praxis Academy Partner Jon Hart hosts a conversation with top leaders from Biola, King's College, Wheaton, Gordon, Veritas Forum, and the University of Michigan on how we might engage and equip this next generation of Christian talent.

Managing Multiple Vocations: Wife, Mom, and Entrepreneur
Location: Bracebridge Hall
Every spouse and parent makes tradeoffs around career and family, but perhaps none are felt more acutely than those of the female founder and leader. This open audience conversation, led by Praxis Nonprofit Lead Jena Lee Nardella, explores the deepest challenges, creative options, and decision frameworks in this session with Diane Paddison (founder, 4Word), April Chapman (Praxis Board and World Vision Innovation Fund), and Elizabeth Dearborn Hughes (Akilah Institute, Fowler, Praxis 2017 Fellow).

Trafficking & Slavery: Progress and Challenges
Location: Captain Bonneville
The challenge of opposing human trafficking has gone mainstream, reaching beyond the traditional nonprofit sector into the arts, film, fashion, and more. This session, moderated by Praxis co-founder Josh Kwan, explores the latest on the this issue through the lens of five key Praxis Fellows including Kim Biddle (Saving Innocence, LA County), Morgan Perry (Exodus Cry), Matthew Williams (Exile International), Sam Dharmapala (Regenesys), and Diana Mao (NOMI Network).

Real Estate as a Social Impact Asset Class
Location: Hartly
Billions are poured into the real estate sector each year with development visions that have a good return profile. But can this asset class be viewed through a redemptive lens? Praxis co-founder & CEO Dave Blanchard will interview several entrepreneurs trying to make a difference through large scale real estate projects, including Michael Moore (Purpose Hotel), Trevor Hightower (WorkFlourish), and Praxis Fellow Kevin McCollum (Lightbearers).